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  1. TomFM

    TomFM Make MEGA Money with Affiliate Clubs

    Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2022 video I’m going to show you have to make MEGA Money with Affiliate Clubs. Using Affiliate Clubs in FM22 is vastly underutilised and an area where you can make money in Football Manager. Maybe you’re a small club looking for a parent club to get...
  2. Loki Doki


    One of the hardest challenges in Football Manager is repairing a club’s financial damage. But that is much easier said than done. most clubs run at a loss normally so repairing the wages. paying back loan debts et can be very difficult In this video, I will give you my tops tips on how to...
  3. TomFM

    TomFM How to build the BEST Scouting Network in FM22

    Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2022 video I’m going to show you how to build the best scouting network in FM22 and different stages of a save file, from a small club, to a team on the rise and a team with a global reach, all using my Wrexham Way series save. 🔔: MAKE SURE YOU...
  4. FM Trequartista


    Don’t be scared of training on FM22!! Today we dive into the murky world of Football Manager as I break down the training tab wall and make it simple for you to use!!! 🔴For live streams in 2022 go and follow me on Twitch- Big 💗 to all my Patreons on the channel absolute...
  5. FM Trequartista


    Here is a list of 5 clubs that I think would make brilliant saves in Football Manager 2022, All have really struggled during 2021. Big 💗 to all my Patreons on the channel absolute legends thank you for your support💗For monthly shirt giveaways, Entry into the FMP Super League, to be a regen...
  6. Zealand

    Zealand Solve Your Injury Crisis

    Injuries have really burst onto the scene in FM22. I have covered where injuries come from in a past video, but with the incredible consistency of major injuries in the new Football Manager now feels like the right time to go over every way to prevent injuries in FM. Like the youth intake video...
  7. Work The Space


    Today we’re going to be going through FM22’s Top 5 rich teams owned by tycoon sugar daddy’s that are worth taking a look at for your Football Manager 2022 save games! I guarantee there are some surprises on this list... enjoy! 👉 Subscribe for more FM22 Content...
  8. Zealand

    Zealand Do This FIRST On Every Save

    The hardest part about Football Manager is getting into it. There is nothing that exemplifies this more than your first day at a new club. There are so many things to do in FM that all need to begin on the first day. It has overwhelmed me multiple times and I just quit the game. So, here is a...
  9. Zealand

    Zealand I Love Wide Centerbacks

    FM22 has brought a new position to the football manager universe. The wide center back has brought a whole new dimension to the back 3 in FM. Chelsea won the champions league playing with a back three and FM had to react with a tactical change. The addition of a new role is more than expected...
  10. FM Trequartista


    In todays Football Manager 2022 tutorial I give you a few little tips and tricks to get your game looking better and playing faster to take your FM22 save to the next level. Big 💗 to all my Patreons on the channel absolute legends thank you for your support💗 For monthly shirt giveaways, Entry...
  11. Zealand

    Zealand 10 Fun Saves For FM22

    Football Manager is a great game. The number one reason people don’t play it is that all the features and facets of the game, like finances and tactics, are very hard to wrap your head around simultaneously. The second biggest reason is sometimes you desperately want to play FM but CANNOT for...
  12. Work The Space

    Guides Kit Pack Install Guide Football Manager 2022 | How to get 2D and 3D Kits into FM22

    Enhance your Football Manager 2022 experience with 2d and 3d kits, in this easy to follow FM22 guide I cover step by step how to install custom kits in-game for use in the match engine and club profile screen. 👉 Subscribe for more FM22 Content:
  13. lollujo

    Guides Your FIRST WEEK in FM22 | Football Manager 2022 Tutorial Guide

    Subscribe 👉 Join 👉 First time here? 👉 Continuing on from my Beginner’s Guide to FM22 from earlier in the week, in this video we go step by step through your first week in a new job at a new club at the start of...
  14. Work The Space

    Guides Football Manager 2022: TOP 5 English Teams To Manage | FM22 Gameplay

    Looking for some inspiration for your next Football Manager 2022 save game? Well look no further! Today we have my Top 5 English Teams to manage in FM22. FM22 TOP 5/10 Series Playlist: 👉 Subscribe for more FM22...
  15. lollujo

    Guides A Beginner’s Guide to FOOTBALL MANAGER 2022 | FM22 Tutorial Guide

    Subscribe 👉 Join 👉 First time here? 👉 If you’re brand new to the Football Manager series then this is the video for you! I take you through everything you need to know to get a new FM22 save up and running! Like my...
  16. Work The Space

    Guides FOOTBALL MANAGER 2022: Top 10 Free Agents #FM22

    👉 Subscribe for more FM22 Content: #FootballManager2022 #FM22 #FootballManager 📺 Watch me Livestream Football Manager 2022 - 📌 Follow me for all the latest updates - 🙌 Join Our Community and Chat...
  17. FM Trequartista


    Lets make Football Manager 2022 even better using the community based graphic packs available. Follow the simple video instructions to get everything into FM22 Links Best Face Pack- DF11 Face Pack-...
  18. Work The Space

    Guides Starting Your First FM22 Save Game - Ultimate Settings Guide | FOOTBALL MANAGER 2022

    The Football manager 2022 Beta is out now! I decided to do a video today covering starting a new save game in Football Manager and some tips and tricks to help you out, we cover database sizes, leagues to load, the new staff responsibilities and more! 👉 Subscribe for more FM22 Content...
  19. Work The Space

    Guides Logo Pack Install Guide Football Manager 2022 | How to get real club badges and logos into FM22

    Football Manager 2022 is out! Today I show you how to add club badges to the game in the form of logo packs to make the most of your FM22 experience! 👉 Subscribe for more FM22 Content: #FootballManager2022 #FM22 #FootballManager...
  20. Work The Space

    Guides Face Pack Install Guide Football Manager 2022 | How to get real player faces into FM22

    In this FM22 video I cover how to install face packs into Football Manager 2022 step by step, it’s a simple process than can feel daunting but hopefully with this video you can get it working without any issues! 👉 Subscribe for more FM22 Content:
  21. Work The Space

    Guides Football Manager 2022: TOP 5 Teams To Manage | FM22 Gameplay

    Football Manager 2022 is out so today I’m going to be showing 5 teams that are worth taking a look at for your first FM22 Beta save game! Let me know who you’re managing first in Football Manager 2022 in the comments! 👉 Subscribe for more FM22 Content:
  22. Zealand

    Zealand Are Star Ratings Right? (With Workthespace)

    Star ratings are the guiding light in Football Manager before you know anything else about the game. You look at those golden beauties and think they are a good indication of overall, but Workthespace and I are here to tell you star ratings on FM are there to fool you! Not really, but we both...

    The Skin Clinic PRIISEK SKINS - PLAYER PROFILE #4 with The Skin Clinic #21 #tutorial

    This is the 21st Episode in our new feature where we take a closer look at the PRIISEK Pro Skin & show you what each of the buttons & features of the skin do, this will be the same for 99% of skins. #fm21 #footballmanager2021 This will be good for NEW & OLD players of the Sports Interactive...
  24. Work The Space

    Guides This Is The Best Football Manager 2021 Skin - Introducing TCS3

    Download and play Super Club Soccer on Steam for Free: Download the TCS3 skin here ► Install guide starts at 12:17 and written instructions are below in the description. Please note TCS3 is designed to be used at 1920x1080 resolution with the...
  25. FM Trequartista


    Over the past few months I have worked hard putting together one of the best youth academies in world in my Football Manager save with Athletic Club Bilbao in todays video I show you how I maximise my youth team, offer a clear pathway and structure and show you the wonderkid talent we have had...
  26. FM Trequartista


    Get your numbers 10’s helping your team out defensively in Football Manager 2021 (FM21) with this simple player instruction change Big 💗 to all my Patreons on the channel absolute legends thank you for your support💗 For monthly shirt giveaways, Entry into the FMP Super League, to be a regen in...
  27. TomFM

    TomFM Tactical Misconceptions in Football Manager

    Download the OneFootball App HERE: Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2021 video I’m going over some of the biggest tactical misconceptions in Football Manager. FM21 can be a confusing game with so many tactical options to chose from. They’re not always...
  28. Work The Space

    Guides 2001/02 Retro Database for Football Manager 2021 - FM21 Mod Download

    This is one of the most epic FM21 database/mods I’ve seen this year, changing Football Manager 2021 back 20 years in time to the 2001/02 season. In this video, I provide an overview and show you how to get started playing it yourself! This retro database has 6 playable nations and 9 playable...
  29. TomFM

    TomFM The most UNDERRATED staff member in FM21

    Download the OneFootball App HERE: Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2021 video the Lincoln Loco 3 continues as I show you the most underrated staff member in FM21. This member of staff can take your rubbish youth intake to a golden generation every...
  30. Zealand

    Zealand Zealand’s Amazing Scouting Program

    I love trials. They are an amazing, real tool that football manager has adopted to allow any team to bring in free agents to have a look at their skills without having to deploy a scout. I also have a bit of a habit of using trials in FM as something of a quick-fire system. Some say I abuse it...