Daily Content Roundup - 15th December 2020 Daily Roundup 

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Daily Content Roundup - 15th December 2020

Welcome to the Daily FM Creators Roundup

Here we collect all the Football Manager related content posted on the site in the last 24 hours into one easily digested list to help find you the best of the content you may have missed be it an episode from a favourite creator that didn't show up in your sub box or a creator you hadn't heard of that is doing something interesting.

If you want your own content included in this digest then just click register, create an account and start posting it in the relevant forum and it will be included in future digests.

(Trying a different order this time, usually its Featured creators in post order, then Verified Creators in post order. This time its just in post order to give some of the smaller creators a bit higher exposure)

FMStinger FMStinger
FM Greeno FM Greeno
EdinburghFM EdinburghFM
FM Trequartista FM Trequartista
lollujo lollujo
Work The Space Work The Space
MrMorleyFM MrMorleyFM
Doctor Benjy Doctor Benjy
Jenkaldo Jenkaldo