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Jun 9, 2020
Welcome to FM Creators. In this thread, we will detail, the genesis of the site, how the site works, and some future plans

Site Background

The site has been something I have had in mind for a while, I watch alot of Football Manager content but discovering new content isn't always easy. My main form of discovery of new creators has been other creators. For example, the lollujo lollujo video Top 5 FM20 YouTubers You've Never Heard Of! Countdown to Football Manager 2020 or the Loki Doki Loki Doki video The Curious Case of United City FM - A Football Manager Channel With No Views amongst others. SI's Creators Cup and the FM Streamer Showdown organised by Doctor Benjy Doctor Benjy has also been good sources of discovery.

However with most of these, you are relying upon others opinion and the creators they highlight may not be your taste, there could be creators out there that you would love that you are missing out on but there isn't a one-stop-shop that allows you to find your new favourite creator.

In addition during lockdown, I started to dabble more with content creation myself and I realised there wasn't a place for FM Creators of all kinds be them youtubers, streamers, graphic creators, database creators or anything else to come together to share advice and collaborate.

Site Structure

Front page

The landing page of the site will show you the latest releases. Some creators will have permissions to promote their own threads to this front page and staff members will promote other creators threads to the front page that they find interesting and high quality. Every creator will be included in the daily front-page digest which will highlight all new content posted that day (Will be posted around 9PM UK time)


We have 3 levels of creators. These are
  • Featured Creators
  • Verified Creators
  • Unverified Creators
Featured Creators are currently the creators who I have been using as test data but more will be added later (My idea right now is every so often having the current Featured Creators nominate a verified creator and then all other users of the site will be able to vote on which of them gets a featured creator slot). The features that Featured creators get are
  • Their own Forum for their content
  • Ability to add a creators prefix to their threads allowing users to filter threads from a specific creator
  • Ability to promote their threads to the front page
  • Ability to promote other users threads to the front page
  • Access to a private creators forum
Verified Creators are creators who we have verified as legitimate creators (and not someone posting others content) The features Verified Creators get are
  • Can post their content to the general forum
  • Ability to add a prefix for their series to their threads allowing users to filter threads from a specific series
  • Access to a private creators forum
    • At the moment Verified Creators are unable to promote their threats to the front page but this may change down the line

Verified Creators are creators who we have verified as legitimate creators (and not someone posting others content) The features Verified Creators get are
  • Can post their content to the general forum
All creators no matter the level will be included in the daily digest of the new releases (Will be posted around 9 GMT each day)

Future Plans


Streaming is becoming a bigger part of content creation but at the moment I haven't worked out how best to handle that on the site. While having posts for a youtube video work because it doesn't matter if someone discovers it a day, week, month or a year later for a stream its only relevant in that moment when the creator is live. if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears

Ads, Credits and Creator Support

To help cover the setup costs and the ongoing costs of the site we are currently running Google Ads, we will try and keep these to the minimum but for those people who really hate them, we will be offering a way to go Ad-Free using a credit system. The credit system will also allow you to show support to your favourite creators

I'm still trying to work out the best way of doing this (and most importantly working out the price so it's as cheap as possible without most of the money being taken by transaction fees) BUT the idea will work something like follows
  • Credit Packages will be available in different amounts (Something like £5 for 2 credits, £10 for 6 credits and £20 for 15 credits)
  • You can then redeem 1 credit for 1 month of Ad-Free
    • We will most likely have a yearly Ad-Free package which will cost 10 Tokens meaning 2 months free.
  • You can also apply them against any Featured or Verified creator
    • Each credit will earn the creator a set amount. Probably looking around the £1 mark
    • You can apply multiple credits against a creator
    • At the end of each month, creators will receive a payout of their to either their PayPal account or UK Bank Account
    • A direct transfer to a UK Bank Account will be preferable as its easier and has less fee's. Most likely those who choose a UK Bank Account payout will receive a small bonus. So perhaps £1 per credit via Paypal but £1.10 via bank transfer
I'm hopeful one of the things that the credits system will do is help some creators who are too small to monetise their content on places like Youtube get a little bit of an income that they can use towards making their content better. Obviously, you can also support the likes of Work The Space Work The Space , lollujo lollujo and Doctor Benjy Doctor Benjy as well and hopefully, the site gets big enough that the income creator can make from credits will make a difference in their incomes no matter what size they are

I also have some ideas of Credit giveaways I would like to run to allow some of you to support creators without spending a penny.

Anyway sorry if this was a bit of a long read. Thanks for reading it and enjoy the site
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