The Fatal Flaw League | Episode #5 | Season 3 Review

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FM Whisperer

Mar 14, 2021
Fatal Flaw League | Episode #5 | Season 3 Review

A Football Manager 2021 Experiment. We've taken all 24 teams in League Two in FM21 and given 23 of them super powers, all of their attributes set to 20. But...22 of them have been given a Fatal Flaw, an attribute set to 1 for every player. Which Fatal Flaw can be the most easily overcome? Which attribute is the most important in the game? This is the experiment that will provide the answers! With 1 perfect team and 1 team dubbed 'the Also-Rans' with attributes set lower at 15 to act as control teams, we're about to find out who has the most fatal Fatal Flaw.