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  1. TomFM


    Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2022 video we talk through the FM22 new features trailer which shows us some of the new things coming to FM2022. These include the Data Hub, Wide Centre Backs, new tactics, new multiplayer features, new manager modelling, working closer with the...
  2. Loki Doki

    Opinion 5 New Features I NEED in FM22

    FM22 is on the horizon (release date is 9th November) and I wanted to discuss 5 new features I would LOVE to see in the new version of Football Manager Some are improvements to the current game and some are new features and even a possible DLC?????? I’d love to hear what you want to see in...
  3. TomFM


    Download the OneFootball App HERE: Welcome to TomFM! In today’s video we’re talking about Football Manager 2022 and what I think needs to be added to the game to make FM22 the best Football Manager game yet. Whilst there’s been no FM22 news just yet, I’ll be going...
  4. Zealand

    Zealand 5 Things FM Should Add

    Football Manager 2022 is coming out in November. This is a very long time from now. But, it can be worth dreaming about what changes are on the horizon, or what FM needs to do to make the game better in my estimation. I need to make this video so when people ask what FM needs to change on stream...