You Can Scout the World as a Non-League Club.. Zealand 

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Nov 14, 2020

It’s always the dream of a small club in FM.. what if I could see all the free agents in the world? Surely my scouts would find our next wonderkid or superstar transfer? Well, with this neat accounting trick in your scouting budget, we can now scout the world through the previously useless player packages. Football Manager has had this window open for years, but now everyone will know how to climb through it. Need that perfect transfer for your tactic? Well, now you can find him, even in Cambodia. Work permit would be a bit of an issue on that bit of scouting, but you get the idea.

Turns out subscription services taking over the world actually gives us a huge scouting opportunity. I do hope a ton of FM21 saves are changed for the better by this, because it’s really impossible to put this scouting genie back in the bottle. So, I hereby bless with you the wonderkids that will result from this. I also bless you with trophies as long as you tend to your finances wisely. Football Manager is annoying that way.

Much Love,
FM Senpai