Season 5 Is Alive! | FC United of Manchester | Episode #34 Youth Academy Challenge (FM21) 

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FM Whisperer

Mar 14, 2021

Season 5 begins and there is a lot of news to discuss, not all of it good. Some of the kids are going to have to step up!

A Football Manager 2021 Youth Academy Challenge. Take a team newly promoted from the highest non-playable league in any country and turn them into FM21 champions of Europe. Easy, right? Well, no and can't sign any players. You play with the squad you're given with and the only new players you can play MUST come from your own Youth Academy.

Let the challenge begin...
Attempt #1: Hitchin Town - Relegated/Sacked after Season 2
Attempt #2: FC United of Manchester - Season 5 commencing

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