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Apr 5, 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of my FM21 Around the World Journeyman. Who will hire this dumb American who has no idea what he is doing?


Hello everyone my name is Brack, the purpose of this channel will be Football Manager content and maybe some other games in the future. I am from the US so I do have a lack of football knowledge but hopefully I will learn from playing the game. A Journeyman save will be my main yearly content in FM, I will also be doing a one club save with the club I support at Derby County. There will be tons of Football Manager 2021 content as I build my channel.

Current Schedule:

Monday- 1pm (CST)
Tuesday- 1pm (CST)
Wednesday- 1pm (CST)
Thursday- 1pm (CST)
Friday- 1pm (CST)

One Club Save (Derby County)
Sunday- 11am(CST)
Monday- 11am (CST)
Wednesday- 11am (CST)
Friday- 11am (CST)
Saturday-11am (CST)