Basingstoke Town FC - EP16 - The Playoffs? Basingstoke Town (FM21) 

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Welcome to my brand new series. where we take Basingstoke Town FC from Tier 8 to the Premier League (hopefully) in Football Manager 2021. Alongside the save we will be raising money for the club to secure its stability and build a foundation for the future

I am over on Katy’s channel this week Mon-Wed-Fri at 8pm GMT as I will be teaching her FM -

To donate, just head over to if you donate £50 or more, you will have a regen from a youth intake named after you! (the name will be the same as your donation name)

I will also be doing some giveaways of some exclusive gear over the next few months, picked at random from everyone who has donated so even if you can only donate £1 you will still be included in all the giveaways!

Go Buy some official club Merch -