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  1. Zealand

    Zealand WHY ARE YOU NOT SCOUTING (Save Your Saves)

    Save your saves is finally back! I know it’s been basically a month and a half since the last in the series, but we finally got a new batch of FM saves that need help. Well, some desperately need help, others people are just worried they’re not doing all of the right things and I understand...
  2. Zealand

    Zealand How are you THAT Narrow (Save Your Save)

    Trying to take advantage of the tactics in Football Manager is all a part of the game. Maybe the meta is to get the ball out on the wings in FM, maybe it’s to set up a tactic that is incredibly narrow, but I can promise you it is never to go full narrow on a tactic. This is something that became...
  3. Zealand

    Zealand "Sweeper Keeper? Really?" (Save Your Saves)

    The decision on which role to play in Football Manager is always a difficult one. Except when it isn’t. Sometimes, a tactic or a player’s attributes make it so obvious what role a player should be playing that it requires a really significant amount of oversight to not get it right. I suppose...
  4. Zealand

    Zealand I Try to Save Your FM22 Saves

    That’s right, save your saves is back for FM22. I will be doing these more often but I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to really dig into their saves on the new Football Manager before I came in at the 11th hour to save the day. Or, let’s be honest, maybe I’m just coming in to see you...
  5. Zealand

    Zealand Saving A Striker Who Can’t Score (Saving Your Saves)

    South Shore FC Info! Indiegogo - WeFunder page coming soon, check out this video to learn more - Twitter - Twitch - We all have an understanding of who should be scoring our goals in Football Manager. Even if we are doing well in our FM save if the goals are...
  6. Zealand

    Zealand Stop Losing Your Wonderkids (Saving Your Saves)

    We’re back trying to save your Football Manager saves and this time we have gone into the realm of saving wonderkids from bigger clubs. The secret art of wonderkid retention that I have discussed in videos before, now we can see it in practice. I imagine it will help you hold your saves together...
  7. Zealand

    Zealand One Thing I Always Say On SYS

    We dip back into the Reddit to find the hidden knowledge I’ve dropped about football manager that I’ve also forgotten. I also am apparently still hoarding wonderkids. So, there’s that. My prediction video for Euro 2020 has fostered a solid collection of memes out there in the world. I am honored...
  8. Zealand

    Zealand I Try to Save Your Save: Two Raumdeuters?!?

    Tactics take a lot of different forms in football manager, most of which I can get behind, but what happens when you have a very talented team that just flames out defensively? Well, apparently a few too many Thomas Mueller’s pop up in your tactic to be healthy. This episode of saving your save...
  9. Zealand

    Zealand Saving A Team That’s the Worst at Everything

    There is a tip on football manager that I recommend using to orient yourself during a new save, or when you’re looking at a new save. It is the team comparison screen. This gives you an idea of how good your team is relative to other teams in your league. It can also tell you if all those...